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 Cisco Managed Service Licensing Agreement (MSLA)

Cisco MSLA Program

this is an opportunity not to buy products
and Cisco services,  and issue them
by subscription for a month, with payment after the fact.

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 2-3 days and you use the product

Familiar product, but cheaper 

Without freezing money in CAPEX


monthly payments

Without obligations

No maintenance costs

Why are customers choosing a subscription over a one-time purchase during a pandemic? 



Very high

Average delivery time

4-6 months

2-3 days

Possibility to refuse the product at any time



The cost of the solution “at the start”


Minimum purchase volume



Financial burden on the budget



Service and maintenance costs



Work from anywhere in the world



Expansion and reduction of product capacity



I am a supplier.

Why should I offer subscriptions to customers?

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Help your customers optimize network infrastructure development costs

and cyber defense - offer Cisco solutions with a monthly subscription.

Your customer will only pay for what they use, and you'll get predictable monthly cash flow and regular, long-term business customers.  With each new client, your business will become more sustainable and stable.

I am the customer. What do I get from buying a subscription? 

Now you no longer need to accumulate a purchase budget to purchase Cisco products and services. Ask your vendors   about the MSLA program and use Cisco Rental products, billed monthly.

Cisco service and products delivered under MSLA subscription is OpEx, which means no more capital investments, only flexibility and mobility. 

If you have a sudden increase or decrease in staff, or a new office is planned, jobs will be ready in just a couple of hours, and the extra ones will be turned off as early as next month. 

Cisco products from the "Security" and "Infrastructure" portfolios are already available by subscription, and this is just the beginning!

The monthly payment for use does not overload the financial flows in the company, such as a one-time upfront payment for equipment.

No more upgrades and maintenance, software changes, etc., it's all included in the service package. You pay only  service itself once a month.

Ready to pay only for what you use?

Who are we?


ELKO.BY is the only distributor with the right to provide the market with Cisco MSLA products and services under a monthly subscription


Great practical experience

Accumulated experience and practices of business development of cloud and subscription solutions from different vendors


Experienced independent experts

Our team includes international independent experts with direct access and the possibility of individual advice


The largest  subscription portfolio of IT solutions

We are trusted to develop their subscription products and services by manufacturers such as Microsoft, Cisco and Amazon and many others.

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