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Product Features:

  • High Density Interface Line Cards

The NSS18500 series provides the maximum number of interfaces 288*100GE, 272*40GE, 384*10GE, 384*1GE, and uses the industry's leading cross-bar architecture. The combination of ports fully satisfies the interface density requirements in data center and campus networking scenarios.


  • Highly reliable, enterprise-class hardware design

The NSS18500 offers enterprise-class reliability and stability for long-term trouble-free operation. Redundant MPUs operate in 1+1 hot standby mode. Redundant SFUs operate in N+M hot standby mode. Redundant power supplies support N+M hot standby operation as well as redundant fan units. The fan units operate in 1+1 standby mode, ensuring efficient heat dissipation.


  • M-LAG for link aggregation between devices

The NSS18500 series supports Multi Chassis Link Aggregation Group (M-LAG), which allows the links of multiple switches to be combined into one to realize link redundancy between devices. The remaining switches in the M-LAG actively operate regardless of any switch failure. During the upgrade, other switches in the system take over traffic forwarding to ensure uninterrupted operation.


  • VxLAN for Virtualized Layer 2 Deployment

The NSS18500 series can work with major industry virtualization platforms and acts as a hardware gateway in a VxLAN overlay network. Virtual Expandable Local Area Networks (VxLAN) is a common network virtualization overlay protocol that expands the Layer 2 network address space from 4,000 to 16 million.

The NSS18500 series supports the BGP-EVPN protocol, which is used as an overlay control plane and provides virtual communication between different layer 2/3 domains over an IP or MPLS network.


  • Implementation of Zero Touch

The NSS18500 series supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). This allows the switch to automatically obtain and download version files from the file server using the DHCP option and the XML mechanism.

The NSS18500 series also supports NETCONF and can work with a 3rd party SDN controller to simplify device remote configuration.


  • Telemetry for Intelligent OAM

The NSS18500 provides telemetry technology to collect real-time device data and send control data to the customer's network sniffer platform. Properly configured telemetry systems play an important role in providing you with information about the health of your network so you can react intelligently to prevent equipment failure and network downtime. This can help customers identify and analyze network issues that affect the user experience.


  • Robust hardware design and energy saving

The NSS18500 series uses a standard airflow design that isolates the cold air ducts from the hot air ducts. This design improves heat dissipation efficiency and meets data center design requirements. It uses redundant power modules and hot-swappable fans to ensure equipment reliability and uninterrupted operation. Fan speed can be adjusted dynamically based on system load. The NSS18500 series is equipped with energy-saving chipsets with EEE technology, and can reduce system power consumption in real time.


  • Free Licensing Policy

Maipu always insists on the "One Time Investment" free license policy, standard features and advanced features will never be separated into different versions. For any new firmware version, Maipu will provide customers with no extra charge. Compared with other manufacturers, Maipu's free licensing policy can better protect users' short-term and long-term investment.

Product Specifications:



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Software specification:


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Power specification:


Typical application:
VXLAN Application for Enterprise Data Center


The Fabric architecture has become a common and popular design choice for building next-generation enterprise data center networks. Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) and Ethernet VPN (EVPN) are effectively becoming the standard technology used to deploy network virtualization overlays in data center structures.

Metro Ethernet networking application from ISP

With the rapid growth of Triple Play services, higher demands are placed on the performance, bandwidth, and quality of ISPs' Metro Ethernet networks. The NSS18500 Series 100G Core Switch was designed to meet the growing demand for FTTx services for ISPs. The NSS18500 series provides up to 288 ports of 100G interfaces for building a backbone network. This will greatly increase bandwidth and improve the end user experience on the Internet.

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