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About company:

TP-LINK is a global supplier of SOHO class network equipment and the market leader in network devices in China. The company's products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world, and the number of TP-LINK users exceeds tens of millions. Focusing on quality control, production efficiency, research and development, TP-LINK continues to produce award-winning network products such as routers, switches, ADSL, wireless equipment, IP cameras, Powerline adapters, print servers, media converters and network adapters. .

To date, TP-LINK's growth rates make it possible to predict a significant increase in the global market share and the company's entry into the top three world leaders in the sale of network equipment. TP-LINK continues to develop and constantly improve the quality of its products and services to make life easier for its users.

Service centers:


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Product types:

network hardware

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