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 Cisco Managed Service Licensing Agreement (MSLA)

Origami program

Join the Origami program -
subscription business program.

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YOU choose your rhythm and the purpose of participation: 

To create "Batch Services", Cisco MSLA products are taken as the basis - as having the most pronounced subscription nature 

Membership Level:

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"I want to get information and understand "How does it work?"

Free until the end of 2021

 Library Access:

Orange World IT-as-a-Service

Introduction to Cisco MSLA Products

Offer. Package service. Structure. Types and types

Ideas. Where to take. Types of Subs-models. Scenarios

Client. segments and roles. profiles. JTBD. CJ

Package. value proposition

Pricing. Price Models

Viability and risk assessment. Module

Go-To-Market and preparation of an offer for market launch.

LAER customer engagement model. Land vs. Sales.

customer success. Concept and function. Component Relationship

Metrics. Segmentation of CSCS clients

Customer Success activities: adoption, retention, expansion, renewals

CS-organization: structure, roles, competencies. compensation system. CS strategy and planning

Membership Level:

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"I want not only to listen, but also to try in practice. We are creating a "sales package" based on  of Cisco services.  We will do it together with you!

Free until the end of 2021

The package includes:

1 on 1 meetings. Choosing an individual transformation strategy for each participant.

Library access+  individual
practice: creating "service packages" based on MSLA products from Cisco

Participants have access to  the most up-to-date materials for work: templates, tools, tables, scripts, as well as unique materials on Cisco products, in Russian (!)

Membership Level:



"We provide solutions for specific  problems related to the Subscription Model. We solve  problems around the Subscription Model.

Free until the end of 2021

The package includes:

Finding answers to participants' questions. Analysis of problems and selection of solutions.   1v1 meetings with a team that includes  international independent expert in Subscription business_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_5cf58d

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