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About company:

Kyland Technology Co., a leading global company in the field of industrial Internet technologies from China. At home, the company has set the standard for industrial network communications, ranking first in terms of production volume in this field.


Kyland's full-stack Industrial Internet Solutions are already being used in a wide range of industries, including aviation, shipbuilding, high-speed rail and metro, smart grid, petrochemical, metallurgy, factory automation, smart traffic, urban management, and network operators.

But, first of all, Kyland is known for its achievements in the field of energy. And this is no accident: the company has switches with KEMA certificates in its arsenal, which confirm compliance with IEC61850-3.

Separately, it is worth noting models with support for the PRP, HSR redundancy protocols, as well as the presence of hardware support for the IEEE1588 v2 precise time synchronization protocol (PTP v2).

Of the interesting lines, the SICOM and REDBOX Ruby3A switch series are also distinguished.


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