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Product Overview:


SICOM3028GPTis an all-in-one intelligent modular platform that combines IEEE1588v2, Sync-E, full gigabit, and layer 2 and 3 availability, specifically designed to perform reliably in grid and climate-demanding utility substations and industrial environments. SICOM3028GPT supports up to 28 gigabit fiber/copper ports, complies with IEC61850 and IEEE1613 standards.

19" device SICOM3028GPT1U rack-mountable that supports one 1U slot and six 0.5U slots for maximum flexibility for easy expansion. In TC clock modes, the timing accuracy reaches 100 ns.

It supports Power Profile and Telecom Profile, as well as many time synchronization modules such as HSR/PRP, TimeServer, GPS, IRIG-B and TMS trigger, etc.SICOM3028GPTsupports many layer 2 software features such as port, VLAN, multicast, QoS, fast standby ring, and layer 3 features such as VRRP, RIP, OSFP, IGMP, and PIM.

Supports console, Telnet, web management and SNMP based network management software. By expanding the serial server module, the product can provide up to 24 RS232/422/485 serial ports. At present, the product is widely used in smart substations and many other industrial communication systems.

Key features:


  • Flexible modular design for easy expansion, supports up to 28 gigabit fiber/copper ports.

  • Supports DT-Ring, DRP, MSTP and VRRP for network redundancy.

  • Supports Layer 3 routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF.

  • Supports IEEE1588v2 and clock accuracy reaches ±100ns, with PTP 1588 based on software and optional PTP 1588 based on hardware security.

  • Supports ITU-TG8261/G.8262 synchronous Ethernet, and the timing accuracy is up to ±50ns.

  • Supports HSR/PRP module, TimeServer module, GPS module, IRIG-B module, TMS trigger module, serial server module, LED module.

  • Supports hot-swappable power supplies.

  • Supports IEC61850 MMS control.

  • Supports cable test.

  • Complies with IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613.

  • KEMA, CE, FCC, EN50155/EN50121, UL61010 , NEMA-TS2.




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Dimensional drawing:


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Hot Swappable:


BY_Новость_С возможностью горячей замены_баннер для посадочной сраницы сайта 1920px_03.02.
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