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About company:

QSAN Technology Inc.  is a Taiwanese manufacturer and developer of advanced SAN, NAS and DAS storage systems.

The company, founded in July 2004, manufactures enterprise level solutions, delivering outstanding performance, data security, and state-of-the-art storage management.


Network storage today is the foundation of virtually all business applications that need to be scalable, reliable, and performant.Qsan is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of products for SAN, NAS and DAS.

Qsan Technologyoffers its clientsmaximum optimization of business information flows, which allows you to turn IT investments into a key competitive advantage.

Functionality of Qsan:

  • modular, fault-tolerant, hot-swappable design;

  • support for third-party HDD and SSD;

  • only 3 paid licenses: SSD caching, Tiering and synchronous replication;

  • flexible scaling: up to 504 drives per system;

  • integration with virtualization systems (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix).

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